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Founder & Executive Director

She has always given back to the community. She created the SmartStart Program which teaches financial literacy to underprivileged youth in NYC Public Schools. After the passing of her grandmother from Alzheimer’s in 2016 she decided to start volunteering at Upper East Side Rehabilitation in NYC to deal with the grief. She realized that many residents at nursing homes would enjoy listening to Shakespeare's nets like her grandma and from there she created Art 4, New York. She founded A4NY as a way to bring art to elderly residents of nursing homes.



Associate Director 

She has been volunteering for over ten years and has grown the group of volunteers immensely. She started when there were only 5 or 6 volunteers a month, to now where they have triple the amount.

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He started volunteering with his wife Mimi as the Music director after that he started working full time with Art 4 NY. He visits the nursing homes several times a week to play music for the residents. He also is a full-time musician in New York City. 

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