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Here are 10 essentials to help you work out in the cold and bad

This winter seems like it will never end and honestly it probably won’t! Sometimes we want to go outside and just get in a good run! Also, when it’s snowing and raining you have to find ways to stay warm right?! So how do we prepare to workout outside in the cold?! Well we have our top 10 essentials to help you workout in the cold and bad weather!

1. Sunglasses

An essential that most people never think of when working out outside is a pair of sunglasses! Sunglasses are vital to anyone outside in the terrible weather. They protect your eyes from the harsh cold and snow if it’s snowing outside. Another problem with the sun, which is still outside during the cold are the UV rays that can still affect your site. And over a long period of time, UV exposure can contribute to cataracts and even become the leading cause of blindness.

2. Base Layer Clothing

This essential may sound confusing but don’t worry it really isn’t! This is one of the most important necessities out there. This clothing is the one that is next to your skin and even helps wick away sweat. This can even help regulate your temperature! The second layer should be insulating, which then helps keep the cold out. And finally the third is your protection against wind, rain and snow!

3. Lip Balm

Lip balm is an essential especially when you are out in the cold. Your lips get very chapped very easy outside. And you can bring lip balm with you wherever you are! It’s easy and great to help those chapped lips in the cold.

So it’s freezing outside and your hands are cold, well what could you use?! Gloves!! There are a few different types of gloves as well from wool to leather. Some gloves even have the technology to turn them into mini heaters for your hands! This will protect your hands from frostbite, which is super important.

We know who would forget to wear socks?! But yes some people do! Socks are very important when being outside in the cold. There are even socks that have a moistural removal system, which keep your feet dry. Socks also have protective padding in the heel, and forefront, which adds support to your foot when working out. And they obviously keep you super warm.

Reflective gear is an essential if you are working out outside in the dark especially late at night or early morning. They have reflective socks, gloves and even hats! These will all help you stand out to people driving so they don’t hit you as you run on the street!

Synthetic clothing is great for keeping you dry and comfortable in harsh weather! Synthetic fabric helps absorb sweat to keep you dry, which is great because that means you can stay smelling fresh too! The other thing is if it is snowing or raining it will be slightly waterproof keeping you as dry as possible with the weather! Synthetic fabrics are something to definitely look out for when you are buying new clothing to work outside.

Going along with socks we need appropriate shoes for the weather! The most important thing is getting comfy supportive walking shoes. Make sure to find shoes that you can run with or just wear outside that are waterproof. The worst feeling is working out outside and running into a puddle accidentally and completely soaking your shoes.

A big thing in bad and cold weather is the wind. The wind can really hurt you and your body while you workout. Wearing something like a windproof running jacket can help protect you from getting slapped with rain and snow. It also will keep you warm and dry!

The Luxx bag is the perfect bag for the cold and warm months! It has so much storage to keep everything you need with you dry and good. The other great thing is that it is durable for all seasons. You can pack your dirty workout clothes in your bag, but also use it for the beach and even work! You need this bag if you are looking for one that will enhance your workout experience.

Those are our top 10 essentials to help you workout in the cold and bad weather!!

We hope you try out some of our essentials on your next outdoor workout or even run! They will keep you dry and warm, which is essential for those working out outside! SO Try and stay warm out there and don’t stop working out because of this terrible winter ever! Remember spring is near, soon enough!

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