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Top 5 Healthy Food Choices For Weight Loss

There are so many foods that help aid weight loss. But narrowing it down can be pretty hard.

We have created the top 5 healthy food choices for weight loss!!

Each food on this list helps you with a different aspect of weight loss, which is great because if you combine some of these foods you get even more of a weight loss benefit!

Here are our top 5 food choices for weight loss:


Oats are a great source of metabolism-boosting starch, with only 4.6 grams in a half-cup serving, it’s pretty great!!

And they’re actually really good for you when cooked!

In a Nutrition Journal study, people who ate 220 calories of hot oatmeal for breakfast reported less hunger throughout the day than those who actually ate cold oats.

How to use oatmeal in your diet:

*Make a hot bowl of oatmeal, with blueberries, and even add chia seeds!

2. Apple

Apples are such a great fruit to add into your diet especially when you’re trying to lose weight!

Apples have pectin in them, which naturally allows for slower digestion and even encourages a feeling of being full.

So many studies show that eating an entire apple with your meal is a natural appetite suppressant.

Thus making consume fewer overall calories without actually feeling like you are starving!

Apples are also a great source of vitamin C, and antioxidants, which means don’t forget to eat the skin of the apples too!

How to use apples in your diet:

*Why not try shredding apples into a slaw, or stir-fry!

*Maybe even making a fruit salad, or an apple with peanut butter! So many yummy choices to try!

3. Carrots

Carrots may sound boring but they actually have really high water and fiber content!

They can make you feel full pretty fast, and help you sustain that feeling!

Also, the beta-carotene in them actually helps with eyesight, and a strong immune system!

How to use carrots in your diet:

If you want to get the most amount of benefit from carrots, try roasting them with olive oil in the oven!

*Roasted carrots actually contain three times as many antioxidants as raw ones!

4. Bananas

Bananas have a lot of potassium, but did you know that they are also an amazing source of resistant starch!

You’re probably wondering what is resistant starch?

It is a type of starch that helps aid weight loss. Your body digests resistant starch very slowly, which helps you feel really full.

And it even helps your liver switch to fat-burning mode, which means more weight loss!

And bananas actually contain more of this resistant starch when they’re green, crazy right?

Also, they help regulate blood pressure, and help with digestive problems! Bananas are the best post-workout snack!

How to use bananas in your diet:

*Throw a few bananas into your smoothie, or even making a protein pancake with them!

5. Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds are an amazing source of essential nutrients such as, omega-3s, calcium, and potassium!

And not only that, they also have a lot of fiber!!

4 grams per tablespoon, which means they will help you keep your hunger cravings at bay!

How to use chia seeds in your diet:

*Chia Seeds can be added to smoothies and even oatmeal, which means double the hunger craving food!

*Add them to your yogurt and even your pudding!


Those are our favorite top 5 Healthy Food Choices that help with weight loss!!

Try and add some of these foods into your diet, especially if you’re on a weight loss journey!

There are so many benefits from all these different types of foods!

So slowly add more of these foods, and change up your diet routine, to aid in weight loss!

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