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Ultimate Greece Travel Guide

If you all can't tell already by my name I am very, very Greek haha. I usually reference My Big Fat Greek Wedding several times a day and honestly am very proud to say I am Greek. Both my parents were born in Greece and yes, I actually do speak the language.

Some would even say it seems like I was born in Greece, but they are wrong. Even though I wasn't born in Greece I have spent almost every summer in my life on the beautiful Island of Kefalonia!! And I would say I am a pro at traveling around Greece and so many tips and tricks to make you Greece trip unforgettable. This Ultimate Greek Travel Guide will be split up into several different posts, starting out with my top advice for you when you visit Greece.

Let's dive in!

1. Go Island Hopping

2. Take Advantage of the Food

3. Go Outside and Explore



Now you probably are thinking wow I want to go to Greece right?! Well don't worry we will continue this ultimate guide and I will give you guys the ultimate fashion guide for spending the summer in Greece!!

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